Scary lion roar

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scary lion roar

Image Orientation. Color Composition Any Color Monochrome.Not all cats roar which is probably a good thing for those of us who own housecatsbut those that do fascinate us with their mysterious and frightening sounds. A group of biologists and speech scientists studied how lions and tigers roar by examining and testing tissue from the larynges of three lions and three tigers from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha that had been euthanized because they were old and sick.

The researchers were particularly interested in the vocal fold tissues, soft connective tissues made of collagen, elastin, a lubricant and fat. Vocal folds are just another name for vocal cords, and they are a bit different in lions and tigers than in other species.

But in lions and tigers, the protrusions are flat and shaped like a square, courtesy of the fat deep within the vocal fold ligament. This shape allows the tissue to respond more easily to passing air, letting the kitties roar louder with less lung pressure. A lion or tiger can roar as loud as decibels, about 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawn mower.

The cats are also aided by the strength of their vocal folds, which can withstand stretching and shearing as air moves past them and the folds vibrate. Elk have vocal folds about the same size, but they make high-pitched sounds. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up.

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Earth Optimism Summit. Featured: The Evolving Story of the Utahraptor. Ingenuity Ingenuity Awards. The Innovative Spirit.Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews. Gren Sowerby from England got the "shock of his life" while photographing a lion in Kenya while on a safari.

Sowerby, 69, said he was on a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya in September and leaned in to take the photo of the apex predator when it let out a massive roar, reports South West News Service, a British news agency. A lion lets out a huge roar after photographer Gren Sowerby gets a little too close. A photographer who got a little too close to a lion got the "shock of his life" when it let out a huge roar- and flashed him a cheeky smile Credit: SWNS.

Sowerby added that he "was probably 10 to 15 meters 32 to 50 feet away" from the lion, who was with a lioness and was crossing a stream. Gren Sowerby leaned in to take a shot of the big cat when all of a sudden it showed him his pearly whites by letting out a massive roar.

Sowerby continued snapping photos and was amazed when the lion flashed him a smile after giving him a fright. Credit: SWNS. Sowerby, who lives in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, said that he was "taken aback by the sheer size" of the lion, but that he was "really happy with the photos" nonetheless.

Although lions are among the most dangerous mammals on Earth, it's not uncommon for them to show a playful side.Lions and tigers are known for their growls and roars that no one would want to come across in the wild. But, what makes their roar so special?

How are they so loud and scary? But in lions and tigers, the protrusions are flat and shaped like a square, courtesy of the fat deep within the vocal fold ligament. This shape allows the tissue to respond more easily to passing air, letting the kitties roar louder with less lung pressure.

A lion or tiger can roar as loud as decibels, about 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawn mower. Lions also have many different types of roars and growls.

Some are meant to ward off predators or to let animals or people that they are getting too close. Other roars or grunts can be communication with their pride. Apparently, they often roar to help settle spats!

After all the roaring, the two cats seem to forget why they were fighting in the first place. As the small lion cub awkwardly walks down a pathway, the camera is rolling. Right now, all you want to do is cuddle with him! As the cub attempts to go for a roar, what comes out instead sounds more like a tiny cough coming from a small child.

The little cub tries again and again, but not much comes out. Just a lot of cuteness. Animal Channel Join your friends or be the first to like our page. Source: ShareTap. And before that? They make the sweetest, cutest sound ever.

Ashley Brewer.By Phoebe Eckersley For Mailonline. A wildlife photographer has been given the 'shock of his life' when he got a little too close to a lion and it let out a huge roar before flashing him a cheeky smile in Kenya. Gren Sowerby, 69, leaned in and got close to the big cat when it suddenly flashed its pearly whites and let out a massive roar on a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya, in September.

While he was initially startled, he continued to snap pictures of the ferocious animal and was left astonished when it gave him a smile. Gren Sowerby, 69, capturing the amazing moment that a lion pictured roared before flashing a cheeky smile while on safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya,in September.

Mr Sowerby from Whitley Bay in Northumberland, spotted the lion crossing the stream with a lioness. Moments later, the lion grinned similarly to when someone 'winks at you to say like: haha! Gren said the lion had roared to tell him 'I'm the King of the jungle' and to probably say 'he was full' before smiling similarly to when someone 'winks at you to say like: haha! He was metres from the lion who was crossing a stream with a lioness - and was 'taken aback by the sheer size and scale of [the lion]'.

Gren told SWNS: 'From him being very still and quiet then for him to let out a big boom was quite something. The photographer says he regular goes on safaris and says the lions are 'used to cars and tourists' as they have 'grown up' surrounded by the group trips file image. He said 'The King of the Jungle' is 'always something you've got to capture' and is overjoyed that he managed to get the shot.

The photographer, from Whitley Bay in Northumberland, said he was 'really happy with the photos' and had only looked at them properly once he got home.

They have grown up around the safari so they're used to cars and tourists.

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People have shared their feelings of being unnerved by the photos on Facebook. Dorothy Chapman wrote: 'Just as well it was an after dinner yawn, otherwise you could have been the main course. Wonderful photo Gren, pleased to hear your back safe and sound. Meanwhile Mark Sam Shields shared appreciation: 'Wow what photos one of my favorite animals thank u. Argos AO.

scary lion roar

No scaredy cats here! Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Huge lion gives photographer a shock by letting out a roar and then flashes him a smile e-mail 1. More top stories.

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He is a very intimidating and very frightening monster in the original sketch. He is very scary in the original sketch as he made the Teletubbies scream and his roar so loud it makes clouds move and trees in Teletubbyland shake in the infamous part where the Lion is coming after the Bear hides.

He mostly still speaks with a creepy voice, but sometimes he sounds more jolly. He even has a very funny joker like attitude with his very funny 'Meow! In the edited sketch, he speaks with a scouser accent, similar to Dave lister from red dwarf, but higher, but is a cockney in the original cut, with a thunderous, baritone voice.

He is voiced by Eric Sykes. Appearance: Yellow Lion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Huge lion surprises photographer with scary roar, then smiles at him

Gender: Male Hobbies: Playing hide and seek with the Bear. Language Differences In foreign dubs of the sketch, the Lion has been given many different types of voices: Arabic - The Arabic Lion speaks in a deep but not very scary sounding voice. Brazilian - The Brazilian Lion speaks in a loud, deep, intimidating voice. Chinese - The Chinese Lion definitely has the most scariest voice. His roar is extremely vicious and he speaks in a very deep and scary voice.

Huge lion gives photographer a shock by letting out a roar and then flashes him a smile

Croatian - The Croatian Lion speaks in a deep and scary sounding voice. After the Teletubbies say 'shhh', the Lion does a small growlbut unlike the Slovak version, he doesn't start roaring again until the trees start shaking.

Czech - The Czech Lion speaks in a slightly deep but jolly voice. Danish - The Danish Lion speaks with a very deep and rough sounding voice. He sounds quite intimidating and has a very growly laugh. He is voiced by Torben Sekov who is also the Danish Narrator Dutch - There are two dubs of the sketch in Dutch, the Lion sounds different in the both of them whereas the Bear and the Teletubbies always sound the same.

In most of the other episodes, he still sounds scary but slightly more cheerful and also laughs a lot. In both dubs, he is voiced by Fred Meijer who also voices the male Voice Trumpets and is the singer of the theme tune in Dutch.

Finnish - The Finnish Lion has two different voices.

Enormous lion terrifies photographer with loud roar — then smiles at him

In See Saw, he sounds slightly evil and has a rather creepy roar. In Dentist Aquarium in Finland he has a very vicious roar and speaks in a big deep scary voice. He also gets much angrier as the sketch goes on. Flemish - The Flemish Lion speaks in a very deep and scary voice, sounding like he has a sore throat. French - The French Lion speaks in a very deep voice.

German - The German Lion also has two different voices. From See-Saw to Irish Dancing. He has an incredibly vicious roar and speaks in an intimidating voice. Then from Dentist onward, his voice changed, his roar sounds very like Chewbaca from Star Wars and he speaks in a less intimidating voice.

Hebrew - The Hebrew Lion speaks in a deep and slightly scary voice. Icelandic - The Icelandic Lion speaks in a deep, intimidating voice. In the version with the male Bear, he doesn't start roaring until the third time that the trees are shaking. Indonesian - The Indonesian Lion speaks with a deep, sort of mischievous voice. Italian - The Italian Lion speaks a deep and slightly jolly sounding voice. He is voiced by Paolo Buglioni who also voiced some of the Voice Trumpets.He is quite controversial due to his menacing voice and the sinister music that played during his segment.

Due to criticisms from parents of the show's audience, later airings gave him a goofier personify, and his angry voice was replaced with a camp and effeminate Lancashire accent.

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He is a yellow wooden lion that moves thanks to a blue skateboard. He has big sharp teeth, and yellow eyes with dilating pupils. His mouth moves like a ventriloquist dummy. In most airings, he was a friend to the Bear, and was playing hide and seek. In the original airing, he was more malicious, and his relationship with the Bear was more ambiguous.

He had a short fuse, and grew increasingly angry as he looked for the bear, and when he found her, he was ballistic and roared maniacally. He is also vain, bragging about his big scary teeth and how overall scary and intimidating he was, and took absolute delight in scaring the Teletubbies.

He appears only in this magical event. After that the Bear came he will start roaring and growling. He will then come out starting to look for the Bear. The Bear will then start joking on the Lion and will run away while the Lion chases her. Maya and Miguel Cryptic Chameleon. Bob the Builder Conrad. WordGirl Dr. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Terrifying Roar Of The African Male Lion

I'm scary on the top, and I'm scary underneath! I am the scary lion, and as a matter-of-fact, I'm scary around the front, and I'm scary around the back!

scary lion roar

And I'm looking for the bear!



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